The Project

Grypp is an augmented sales and servicing platform, shaking up the way sales agents and businesses communicate with their prospects and customers. Their existing website was unengaging and did not clearly convey what Grypp is, or how it can benefit people, so they asked us to develop a new concept.

Our Approach

With in-house designers, Grypp had an idea of how they wanted their website to look, so we worked closely with them to develop a website that met their expectations, whilst incorporating SEO best practise to make Google happy.


One of the main objectives for the new website was to increase lead generation through organic traffic, so we built the website to please Google. The new site has search engine friendly content, features and infrastructure.


After deliberating with the Grypp team, we decided on WordPress for the content management system as it allows flexibility and ease of use. It also powers a customisable blog which will help to build content for Google.


Throughout the project we worked closely with the team to provide them with the right support to make their project a success. Our advice was not limited to the website project and we also gave suggestions for ways Grypp can grow both online and offline.



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