Having a strong social media presence is something that all businesses should be striving for today. If you are active on the likes of Twitter and Instagram, yet you are not seeing the results you had hoped for, it could be because you are making one of these critical errors.


Opting for quantity over quality

A lot of business owners attempt to be active on as many social media accounts as possible. If you do thi

s, you won’t be able to dedicate enough time to each individual platform, this will dilute the effectiveness of your social media presence. Instead, find out where your target consumer base is. For example, if your business is predominately for females that are in their early 20’s, Pinterest is a good option, but it’s not such a great choice for older males.

Allowing an intern to manage your social media accounts

Some company owners let interns manage their social media accounts on the sole basis that they are young and ‘in the know’ with tech. However, your social media accounts are the voice of your business. Just because someone knows how to use Facebook does not mean they should manage your business’ most public communication channels.

Not having a strategy or a plan b

A lot of companies attempt to wing social media, and this is a brand killer. Did you know that every one in three minutes spent online is spent on a social networking website? This shows the power of social media, and it shows why you need to have a well-thought-out plan with realistic goals and objectives. You also need to track your performance too.

Using social media for marketing only

Of course, social media is a vital marketing platform, but it is so much more than this. It should also be used for lead generation and customer service, and it can even be a good platform for recruitment. If you simply post an endless stream of promotional messages, you will never engage with existing potential customers.

If any of the mistakes mentioned above sound familiar, use the advice that has been provided to right those wrongs and improve your social media strategy. This will make a huge difference to your brand’s online presence. But you will need to give it time – substantial and authentic social media gains don’t happen overnight.

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